This Waitress Will Receive A Giant $3000 Tip Only If She Fulfils These Three Conditions

She got stunned when she got to know about the conditions.


Mother-child bonding has evolved to be the strongest connection in nature. The intense attachment between a mother and her kid is above every relationship in this world. And sadly, when a mother loses her child- whether it be a baby who died in the womb or the one who was 50 years old – a part of her dies as well.

The death of a child is a pain no one can bear and this can cause anyone to shut down but a brave family on losing their boy stayed proactive and decided to start giving a scholarship in the name of their son.

This scholarship went viral when a waitress came into the whole picture. She got a chance to get $3000 tip due to the scholarship. But along with that tip, there were few conditions.

What were those conditions? Let’s know.

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