Who Knew College Festivals Could Prepare You For A Successful Startup

Your participation is all it takes

In today's times, you don't run after jobs neither do your friends. You want to do big, start big, and that is why you think big. 

You aspire to become an entrepreneur who will become a part of one or several startups and shoot to success one day. But, triumph in your endeavours just doesn't come from your idea, and you don't experience victory unless you have experience in all the related fields. 

ALL, yes, you read that correctly. 

A job requires specific knowledge about a particular field, not the case with business or startups for that matter. You should be aware of how the ecosystem of commerce, management, and economics works. Along with that, you need business acumen, problem-solving skills, etcetera. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Well, acquiring all that knowledge would require years from you, and you live in the instant generation where everything you want is available with a click. Or, at least by the time you graduate, you should be capable enough to succeed as an entrepreneur, right? Here's one solution to it.