Dear People, Let's Bid Sridevi Adieu With Respect and Not Gossip 

Chitthi na koi sandesh jaane wo kaunsa desh, jahan tum chale gaye… 

February 24, 2018: 

My social media is flooded with posts and updates about my favourite Bollywood star Sridevi's demise, and I think it is a hoax. How can the actress die? I happen to follow her on Instagram, and a couple of days back she posted photos from her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding in Dubai. Sridevi looked gorgeous in pastel green outfit, it added to her unfazed beauty. 

Cut to today; I am agitated. I want to scream at every media house. STOP, sit back and introspect what you are doing. Yes, it is your job but is such insensitivity taking us anywhere? 

For someone who dedicated her entire life to the film industry, why are we making her death a controversial affair? After all that she has given to the film industry and the world, doesn’t she deserve to find solace and peace?