A Mom’s Post On Daughter’s Reaction While Trying On Bikinis Gives Out A Powerful Message

Her bikini selfie has gone viral! 

The way women perceive and talk about themselves matters! 

If you think kids learn by what is taught to them, then you need to get your facts right. Children learn by observing and irrespective of what or how you teach them, they will follow only what they see and hear.

Aptly said, a child is the reflection of his/her parents. If the parents are rude to strangers and do not respect each other, their children will learn the same, and no matter how well you train them on good manners and behavior or how well renowned the school they study in is, they will pick up habits from what they see happening around them. It is, hence, imperative that we choose our words carefully and act wisely.

Besides their behavior with others, how kids see themselves is also highly influenced with how their parents perceive themselves. If the mother is constantly conscious of her body weight or color, the children too will become conscious of their own body image and learn to despise or conceal their body in case of any imperfections (i.e. even a slight deviation from the perfections defined by the society). And that is extremely dangerous to their mental health. Kids learn by observing, and that’s exactly what this mom’s viral Facebook post talks about.

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