“Seeing you just once or twice a year was not my choice, sorry mommy, I couldn't make you happy!”

Dear Mommy...


I knew I would cry when I start writing about this all, and I already have started rolling tears on my cheeks. Expressing my heart out was never easy for me, but this Mother's Day I chose to say it to you, sorry mummy!

You gave up everything to raise me and my sisters, you left no stone unturned to educate us, you gave us good life. You made us the world's proudest daughters, but what did I give you in return, nothing.

When you grew me up, made me capable of standing on my own, I left you. I knew you never wanted this all to happen, nor did I, but I was helpless. I chose to move towards where my heart dragged me, and I went afar from you. Trust me, I never wanted this to happen, but I was helpless.

Getting to see you just for once or twice in a year is the biggest trauma for we both, and I totally understand how you feel for this, but sorry mummy I am helpless.

I ignored you; I turned out to be selfish, my heart's loudest scream won over your silent whisper. Trust me, mommy, I never wanted this to happen, but I was helpless.

Mommy, I am sorry for leaving you all alone, I am sorry for making you disheartened for a number of times. Do you believe, I never wanted this to happen, but I was helpless?

My mind revolves around you every single moment; my heart chases you every now and then, trust me, I love you a lot.

Mommy, I am not the single one who is chasing their dreams living far from their home and parents, there are thousands of people like me who have disappointed their moms just like I did. But trust us, sacrifices will pay off in the end.

I am sorry again, mommy, thank you for everything!