Like No-Shave November, These Initiatives Were Supported By Indian Celebs For Social Cause 

Do you know the real motive behind these cool trends?  


November is here, a month famous for its well-known trend called 'No-Shave November'. It is a trend that asks the participants to put down their razor for 30 days. Most of the people you know must be following this, right?

But how many of you know the real motive behind this trend? Actually, this step is dedicated to spreading awareness regarding cancer and raising funds to support cancer prevention, for its research and education. Various NGO's and Indian celebrities have come together with such numerous cool trends on social media to assemble the mass for a cause that in the end could help the society grow.

There are various creative and innovatively executed campaigns, driven for a change to create a meaningful impact on the society. Some of them are listed below. So c'mon, let's have a look.