This Amazing Initiative Will Help You To Find The Hidden Talents Of Your Child

What's the real talent? Find out.    


Parents, guardians have this question in their mind, "Is my kid genius?" Well, the answer to this question is, "Yes, every child is unique." 

Read this story to know what I mean.

In 1983, Dr Howard Gardner, the professor of education at Harvard University, developed a theory of multiple intelligence. The theory suggested that judging the ability of a child on the basis of their I.Q. and marks scored in the examination is useless and limited. Instead, Prof Gardner came up with eight different types of intelligence that provided the broader range to judge children's potential and also that of adults.   

The concept of multiple intelligence has been introduced to us through varied ways with the films like Taare Zameen Par in which Indian film actor Aamir Khan, plays the character of a teacher in a school who helps a student to explore his hidden talent which is certainly not an MBA or Doctorate degree. The child later becomes a great painter in the movie, because that was his hidden talent, and that is what Gardner calls - Spatial intelligence.