You Are a True Indori If You Do These Things

Agar sev pasand hai, toh sacche Indori ho tum! 

Bhiya, kidhar ho? Choraye kane milo toh jara.

Indore and Indoris. I will never get bored of talking about either of them. 

I can talk Indore, I can walk Indore, I can stay in Indore because Indore is a very phunny place. 

Indore, also known as the food capital of India, adds to the vibrancy of Madhya Pradesh and is home to people who live with the zeal to be better each day. Indoris have a special charm, that makes them accept people from different parts of the country as well.

Here, I have a list of special things that might sound mediocre to many but to a true Indori, they are a mark of their identity. So, what are you waiting for? Witness the flavours of Indore in our style.