Here's Why Indore Is Indore And Not Mini-Mumbai

This city is high on events.


"You can take a person out of Indore, but not Indore out of that person." - Indori Chacha 

No doubt India is a cultural heritage, with its diversified tradition and thousands of different languages, it becomes one of its kind of a nation. Every corner of this country is different altogether, but still, some people commit the mistake of comparing one part of the country with the other. Yeah, just like the way our parents compare ourselves with Sharma Ji ka Beta.

As I have experienced the lifestyle in both the cities, I feel bad that Indore is repeatedly referred as mini-Mumbai, even after having its own solid background. Often times, I meet a lot of people who tell me, "Kahan se aa rahe ho, mini-Mumbai?" "Ohh, Indore Matlab wahi mini-Mumbai na?"