More Than 80% Women In India Do Not Use Sanitary Napkins, Why?

And the reason behind is saddening!

Why is it that the Indian society at large has taken an unbreakable vow of silence on periods? Why? Because that is overtly gross? With innumerable euphemisms doing the rounds, why at all do we shy away from this natural process of the human body? This monthly visitor is what makes our lives. It is the 21st Century, and we are still talking about to throw light on this age-old phenomenon of the human body. Sad!

India's women have been suffering since long. Menstruation has been a topic not-to-talk-about. The so-called female portion of the society, constituting a total of 65.2 crores, out of 135 crores, has been suffering day and night, and not even raising their voice. The phlegm of the patriarchal society and the government is worsening the issue. The two major issues that must be urgently addressed are affordability and awareness. Indian women are suffering badly during their menstrual cycle and statistics are even more alarming and saddening. Read on to know the ground reality of women, when they are surfing the crimson wave!