Meet Nikita, India's First Bicycle Mayor Who Impressed Holland With Her Zeal

Padalling forward.

There is a hero in every one of us, goes an adage. 

Nikita Lalwani, an instrumentation engineer from Varodara, has proved it.  Three years ago, she chose bicycle as a mode of transport and has stuck to her choice since then. Now, she is spreading awareness about how one can contribute to reducing air pollution by riding a bicycle, which is also a physical exercise that keeps people physically fit.

Earlier, Nikita used to drive car and two wheeler to her office. She would also take autorickshaw to reach workplace. But she found it time consuming to take these vehicles for short-distance travel. The distance between her home and office is approximately four kilometres.

She found bicycle more convenient after she borrowed friend's cycle to reach the work place. 

Since then, she has been promoted bicycling in Varodara and surrounding areas. She has inspired her relatives, friends and other professionals to adopt cycling as an eco-friendly transport.