Here's How Aadhaar Card Has Brought Privacy Of 1.07 Billion Indians At Risk

Can third party agencies access one's private data?


Aadhaar was introduced back in 2008 as the project which was destined to change the prospect of Indians. It came out as an optional program to help poor who were in need of daily products. After nine years, Aadhaar has become an integral part of citizens of India. 

Now Aadhar has moved a long way beyond helping the poor. The recent big move which government made with Aadhar was the introduction of Unified Payment Interface. UPI uses Aadhaar, with the help of which people can make person to person and e-commerce transactions easier.

The Government of India will also launch an Aadhaar based payment method by which people will be able to make fast operations with fingerprint sensors.

So some huge implications can be drawn from these policies. One that Aadhaar is no longer an optional program and other is that it is necessary for every Indian citizen to hold an Aadhaar card.

Aadhar today is making a tremendous impact on many lives, but some experts are doubtful about it. The primary concern which experts are facing is regarding the security of Aadhaar and billions of people who are using it. 

Let us see what are the issues associated with Aadhar which are making lives of people using it in jeopardy.