10 Instances That Proved Indian Television Is One Step Ahead Of Bollywood

Looks like the main leads have no stability in life!


Indian television productions are famous for two major causes. Firstly, for showing the most cliched things in a senseless manner. Secondly, for their never-ending seasons. This is a matter of fact that the over-the-top bizarre that we see on Indian television, they can only be done by our television actors and actresses.

When Indian cinema tried to add some major to their production, they started with VFX. But Indian television daily soaps cannot do this because phir TRP kaise milegi? So, they come up with more drama and more 'stupidity'.

Here I am with such situations when Indian television took a step ahead. Among the ingredients that they added to spice-up their daily soaps, some of them were useful while some were even lamer. 

C'mon, let's have a look at such instances.