These 15 Popular Desi Shows Are Actually Copied From The West

Comedy Nights with Kapil is also on the list!

What is the most common complaint that viewers have concerning Indian daily soaps? 

If you ask me, it is that they are all alike. Yes! Same plot, same sets, just different characters. In all shows, the elder people never get old while the young ones keep on dying and coming back to life.

So, to solve the issue, what did our Indian television producers do? Well, they chose to imitate the storylines of the shows of other countries. Believe me, you don't even know that most of the shows that you love to watch are actually inspired from the west. And that is what I have for you today. After the era of imitating movies, now Indian industry have begun parodying foreign daily soaps. So, let's see which of our favourite ones are on the list.