10 Countries Where One Indian Rupee Will Make You Feel A Lot Richer

Who are Ajummas?   

We think twice before planning a trip to New York, Paris or Australia. Because we think that Indian rupee is a weak currency and one needs pots of money to travel to foreign countries. 

But what if I tell you that there are several countries in the world where carrying less money won't affect your travel experience anymore. Because Indian Rupee is a strong currency compared to currencies of those countries. 

Yes! You can spend vacations at beautiful places where the Indian rupee is held as a strong currency. 

In nutshell, these are the countries where the Indian currency is higher. Fret not, just book affordable flights to these countries and explore without bothering much for the budget. No time for being price conscious now because, at these places, Indian Rupee will make you feel rich. 

*Conversion rates may alter*