10 Indian Politicians Whose Kind Acts Won Them Praise 

What was Kamaraj plan?     

Kind acts can come from anywhere. Even from the arrogant Indian politicians. Yes, you read it right. Since we all are grey by nature, and carry good and evil at the same time, both their sides surface according to the situation. 

As politicians, they come in contact with all kinds of people - good, bad and corrupt. Knowing what kind of people they have to deal with, they have a tough job in hand. 

There are many Indian politicians who have helped people. But if we explore more, we will come across more such Indian politicians who have won over people. Goodness is just everywhere!     

Politicians have shown their kind side, over and over again, which goes unnoticed because, very often, we remember them for all the wrong reasons.         

But today, let's look at their positive side, let's acknowledge their good deeds.