Indian Football Has A Golden Future And We Have The Proof!

Better ranking for seniors, world cup for juniors

When I was growing up in 1980s, football came naturally to me and of course, thousands of other children. It’s the simplest game on earth to play anywhere. Our heroes were Maradona, Alessendro Del Piero, Baggio, Batistuta and Romario. We worshipped them like gods and our walls were filled with posters of these legends, taken out from Sports Star Magazine. Those were the days!

Later we grew up a little more, realised the pathetic state of Indian Football and all our dreams were shattered in one go. We dreamt of becoming Maradona and Pele, but just when the reality struck us hard, we went quiet until cricket happened. But I bet more kids have football as their first love in India than cricket. Maybe because of the ease of playing the game and the irresistible appeal international footballers carry. If only Indian Team had played at international level, we could have dreamed a bit more!