10 Female Comedians No Male Artist Would Like To Mess With

They are giving male comedians run for their money!

In the last seven years, India has seen a splendid hike in terms of stand up comedy, which was never really anticipated. The metro cities are now hosting an open mic session and stand up comedy on every day basis and the Indian audience is responding in a quite positive manner. Especially, the youth has been into it very much. The kind of adulation that the stand-up comedians receive is no less than what the celebrities in India receive. From thousands of fans over social media to fan pages and what not.

But then, one problem that still haunts India in every perspective is the how women are still fighting for equal rights. No doubt that we are making progress but it needs to be done more swiftly. Just like the Bollywood industry where the male actors are paid more, appreciated more and valued more than the female actors, the stand-up comedy profession replicates it. 

Today, let me talk to you about some female stand-up comedians that could give any male comedian run for his money.