These Engineers From India Made The Best Of Waste In Silicon Valley

They are soon coming to your country!

Yes, I know today everybody is building a startup to earn the profit, but I also know such people who do not fall under this category. And they are the waste management masters!

They're the Indian techies who landed up in the US with heavy bags and big dreams. It was in 2013 when the Indian engineer duo Saiman Shetty from Karnataka and Patrick Patel from Gujarat moved to the US to pursue their Master’s in Science (Control Systems) from Arizona State University.

The pair had been determined, and in their last semester, they began working on an idea which was so unaccustomed that it eventually made its way towards success.

Unlike every other student, they knew what good and what right they wanted to do — to build a platform for managing waste collection which was pertinently named as Hygiea.