Indian Athletes Who Lost Their Lives To On Field Tragedies

Our prayers are with them.


Life is wonderful, we should find every excuse to appreciate it. We should count every blessing we have because we just never know when it can be taken away, like the blessing of life, which could be one misplaced wire away from being taken away from someone. Sometimes we need to look back and see just how lucky we are that not only we are healthy but also so far, we've avoided any kind of a major mishap that could've changed out the life for the worse. Unfortunately for these Indian sportspersons, that cannot be said.

India is a nation with a rich sporting history and culture but it isn't full of red stains. As previously mentioned, a misplaced step, a misplaced wire could turn someone's life for the worse and it did. In fact, these people lost their lives playing their respective sport. 

So we at WittyFeed would like to honor Vishal Kumar Verma (the Indian athlete who recently passed away) and remember three other such Indian athletes who lost their lives to tragic on-field incidents.