10 Sad Facts about India that Prove We Need to Change NOW

From brain drain to corruption, here's everything...

Padmaavat ban lasted for over two months because it hurt Rajput sentiments. 

Valentine's Day has been controversial for over five years because some sects think it is hurting the 'Hindutva' of the nation. 

These events raise a lot of questions.

Throwing stones at little children to protest over some movie which disrespects your culture? Or beating couples on Valentine's Day because we're moving towards 'Westernisation'? Is that how we want to express our anger? Rather than frowning upon something which is made for entertainment purposes, we can divert our focus towards more important issues.  

There is anger, of course. A lot of it, which can be channelised elsewhere. But taking it all out on such silly issues? Not acceptable. 

Yes, I'm calling them silly because there are other facts about India which need urgent attention.  

Here is everything that is wrong with the country.

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