Should Weed (Ganja) Be Legalised? We Have India's Opinion With Us 

Bam-Bam Bholey!


"Arrey, chal na Kasol ki trip maar ke aate hain"

"Pushkar jaana hai yaar"

"Banaras chalein?"

These are some of the common chit-chats that can be observed among today's youth. For one common reason, of course: weed or charas or ganja. Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs around the world. It has been used by a lot of celebrities around the world as well. You see those Bob Marley T-shirts wherever you go while street shopping in Goa (or anywhere, for that matter). This 'weed' topic came to light when Ratan Tata recently invested in a firm which is researching the medical properties of marijuana.

Many countries have permitted and legalised the recreational use of cannabis (marijuana/weed). And they are especially famous all over the world. Be it Amsterdam (the Netherlands) or Washington (the US). People always talk about that. 

So, as always, we thought we'd ask India if weed should be legalised or not. We got all sorts of replies. From reasons validating why it should be made legal to how India isn't really ready for this. Scroll on and see for yourself.

This is #IndiaKaPulse: