11 Incredible Fountains From Around The World To Please Your Heart

Creative works of art!


Architecture is fascinating; it can turn bricks and sand into a beautiful palace or create a mesmerising and artistic sculpture on a land that was once barren or unsightly. This genre of art has the power to transform anything into a spell-binding structure and leave lesser mortals awestruck, wondering on their creation. Pooled with water, architecture can take a completely different form! The versatility of water can lend an additional charm to any concept and we have ample proofs to support this fact.

Our planet is home to a multitude of fascinating fountains that can cast a spell on anyone who looks at them. Such finesse and creativity can only be expected from architectural geeks and aficionados who want nothing but perfection in their work. 

Now that we are stepping into the mood for architectural excellence, why don’t we take a tour of some of the most amazing and jaw-dropping fountains from the around the world? These fountains are nothing short of a water extravaganza and can leave you rapt with their allure.