Imtiaz Ali's Love Stories Depict Imperfections in the Most Perfect Ways

The filmmaker who is nothing less than a magician.

With the new movie Laila Majnu, filmmaker, a writer for this one, Imtiaz Ali is going to bring us yet another timeless love story. With the little glimpse that we got to see in the form of a teaser, this film looks like the next work of art of magician Imtiaz Ali. 

Talking about every film that Imtiaz has made, there's something about each one of them which makes us feel the connection. He's one of those storytellers who portrays his characters in ways which look less artificial and more real.

Ever since his first movie, we've only fallen in love with his love stories and kept expecting more with each coming film. 

Here's an insight into Imtiaz's films that make us learn something about life, one movie at a time.