12 Illegal Things You Have Been Doing Your Entire Life

Are you also the part of this?


Most of us would claim that we’re quick learners, and looking at the current scenario; it is the most basic quality that anyone would expect from us. Technology and the internet have shrunk the world so much that everything or anything is just one click away.

We learn a lot of things in our day to day life without even realizing what impact it will make in our life. Not only through the internet actually, but our source of information are so many that most of the time we learn things and later can’t even recall where did we read, heard or watched it.

And trust me; in the entire process, there are a lot of things we learn every day which isn't even legal in their real sense, banned as per the law or considered as fraud and forgery.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the list of at least 12 illegal things that you must’ve been doing all your life without even knowing it.

Let’s have a look!