10 Movies That Have The Power To Bring Out The Hidden Entrepreneur In You

#4 is my absolute favorite! 


All of us have had dreams, as kids or even after we've grown up. A lot of those dreams comprised of creating or owning something of our own. But as we grew up, with practicality hitting our heads, we all started thinking more about survival and making money, rather than pursuing our dreams and bringing them to life. We stopped listening to our hearts and became a part of the rat race this world conducts. 

Very few of us, actually have the patience, persistence, will power, strength and guts to listen to our hearts and pursue what we really want to. Family, society, friends, teachers, anybody and everybody will always tell you to choose security in life and do something that secures your future. But hey, remember! No kind of security is worth it if you hate what you're doing everyday!

Here, I've compiled a list of 12 such movies that'll definitely hit your nerve if you are or planning to be an entrepreneur!

Check them out.