This Is How Indians From Different States Express 'I Love You' to Their Partner 

Taking you into the depths of Indian culture!


Love is a universal emotion which sees no barriers, and nothing is sweeter than hearing "I love you" from the one you love. Although the emotion of love is common to all, every language and culture possess a unique way of saying these beautiful words.

While "I love you" is termed as the three magical words, it is not necessary that different languages may be limited to just three words of confessing it.

Come, let's talk about love in India. Not unaware of the different cultures of this country, there is a unique style of doing everything in India -- even to confess your love. Yes, if your girl does not belong to the same religion of yours, you no more have to search distinct websites to polish yourself in order to impress her. 

WittyFeed here has compiled for you how to say "I love you" covering almost all the languages of India. Not just that but these have been accompanied by the phrases "Do you love me?" and most preferred places in those states which could help you in sparking up your proposal.