“Dip, Squeeze, Wear” Is The New Trend For Hyderabad Traffic Police To Beat The 42º Heat

Beating the heat like a pro! 


The temperature of Hyderabad city recently went up to 42-degree celsius. While most of the people in white collar jobs stay in air-conditioned rooms, the traffic police force has to stand in the scorching summer heat and do their duty.

Asian Institute of Nephrology recently took the initiative towards helping Hyderabad Police by making a jacket which will help in lowering the temperature around the body from 6 to 12 degrees. The effect will last for 3 - 5 hours and also will depend on the humidity in the outer environment. 

The traffic police will just have to dip the jacket in water, squeeze it, and wear it as explained by the A. Ravinder, Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police. Apart from preventing the adverse effects of heat waves, the jacket will also serve many other purposes which were told at the press conference held on May 25, Monday.