50+ Thoughts A Wedding Horse Might Have While Having A Groom Over It

Oh, this Baraat company...

A few weeks back, I happened to attend Preeti Singhal's wedding in Hyderabad. Preeti is WittyFeed's CEO Vinay Singhal's younger sister who also served the company for two years as the head of Accounts Department.
My first visit to Hyderabad gave me lots of beautiful memories and of course, the opportunity to draft this article.
While the wedding ceremony was going on, and we all were busy witnessing the grand moments, Prasanna Singh Sir (WittyFeed's Sales Department Head) who was standing beside me, whispered in my ear, "Look at the horse, so calmly bearing everything that's going on."
And the very moment, all my attention was dragged into that Baraat horse who was carrying the handsome groom Rohit Ji.
So that was the time, I imagined myself as that shiny horse for a while, and the further thoughts flowed like this...