We Wanted To Know The Answer Of This Question, Here's The Best We Got!

I'm not getting over these comments anytime soon! 

There have been various quotes and sayings on the internet around funny things that people experience when in a relationship. From being called with cheesy names to experiencing embarrassing situations, most of us totally relate with every second thing that gets surfaced. But, all of it gets even more relatable if you have a broken heart and you behave no less than Devdas from the old era. 

Considering the pain and reverie of a broken heart, we tried to fix it with some fun questioning, and that is when the idea of asking "What is that one thing your ex was good at?" came into existence. 

After receiving some epic responses, we decided to bring them all in one place and share it with you guys. 

Here are the gems of all comment threads listed for you to have a big laugh at!