Engineers Of These 10 Inventions Are No Less Than Culprits And These Pictures Are The Proof

They left their brains at home while making these things.


After joining an engineering college, a student's mind is divided into two parts, the right part where nothing's left and the left part where nothing's right! 

*No offense, engineers*

Right from opting Science in 11th standard to the rush to meet the deadlines of project submission in college, the life of an engineer is no less than a torture. Talking about the education in college, even engineers agree that it is based on 4 B's including Bike, Beer, Babe and Backs...Now if these students go through so much of trauma, it is obvious that they will end up being not-so-successful engineers. If you don't believe me, this article is for you.So, let's check out these amusing photographs of some unusual things created by engineers. Trust me, these pictures will for sure tickle your funny bones.(NOTE: The pictures used in the story are for fun purpose only and not to hurt anyone's sentiments)