Students Left A Pineapple At An Art Exhibition And That Turned Out To Be Their Best Mistake

A pineapple can make your life!


Can you imagine your so-called prank receiving so much footage/stardom that it could make you famous?

Well, two students who mischievously left a pineapple in the middle of an art exhibition were welcomed by a shock when they found that the curators had put the fruit inside a glass case.

Ruairi Gray and Lloyd Jack are the stars of the story who left the exotic fruit in the middle of Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University after Ruairi bought it for £1. Surprisingly, its worth turned into something invaluable when it was out on a show at the center of the display.

Although the officials removed the pineapple after realizing their mistake, it had certainly been on display for two days after successfully fooling hundreds of lecturers as well as students who are said to have praised the genius work.

Thus, converting the student pranksters into official modern artists. Let's have a look at the complete story.