15 Tweets That Are Funny AF And Your Mom Will Agree

"Because I said so" - Every mom ever.


It's Mother's Day and we couldn't be happier. It's another chance to shower them with love and gifts and show them how much we love them. But, what about the other days of the year? Don't you think they deserve more? They need a break too.

Mothers have great management skills but it's not easy for them to do so. 

Mothers have the most difficult job in the world because raising another human is on another level itself. Some mothers don't handle it well, while others see the humour and tweet about it. Their hardship is certainly something that you can sympathise with. You want to gift your mother something? How about a vase so that she can decorate her dining table or break it on your head if you're a snarky child. Either way, it's legitimate!

Here are 15 mom tweets that every sarcastic mom can relate to.