15 Of The Funniest Videos On YouTube Right Now

So good it hurts! 

Let’s face it; most of us are totally addicted to all things related to the Internet and social media. You cannot go anywhere these days without seeing someone with their heads buried in their phones or laptops and really who can blame them; the internet and social media are just so much fun!

One trend that is picking up quite a bit again lately is ‘YouTubing’, which is just a modern slang word for those people who spend their time either uploading videos to YouTube, or those who spend most of their free time watching viral videos on YouTube. Because of this fact (the whole YouTubing fad doing the rounds again), I have decided to make up a totally awesome collection of fifteen of the best and funniest YouTube videos of all time, for your viewing enjoyment.

So without further ado, see below for some totally RAD clips. Enjoy (and don’t die laughing)!