Pictures Of Kids That Prove How They Wanted To Be The Forever 'Only Child' 

They're angry! Grrrr!

I remember I was like an entertaining bear to my elder sister in our childhood. She used to get me balloons, chocolates, and ice cream. We had a perfect relationship similar to that of Tom & Jerry.

But not every child welcomes their younger ones as well invited newborns. While the arrival of another child brings a new era of excitement and a fresh air of happiness in the family, some children aren't quite so convinced. The elder ones sometimes get insecure that they would have to share their parent's affection. As much as this may sound wrong, the children are never wrong on their part as love and attention are something that everyone seeks, be it the elders.

However, we don't know if you have witnessed such a situation or not, but here, we have a few pictures of a bunch of unhappy kids giving you a taste of sibling rivalry.