9 Indian Female IPS Officers Who Deserve a Big Salute

Hats off to these courageous women.


What comes to your mind, when you think about this premier central government job? Khaki wearing men and women taking on goons? Giving them a piece of their shit? Controlling law and order? Think, think...think a bit deeper, the first thing that subconsciously strikes us about police officials is - courage.  

Yes, they are badass, brutal, brilliant and bold because these attributes are required for their job. In fact, they have been trained to be that way, and this makes them assertive. That's why their words sound like orders.   

It's a job that involves bullets, crime, unprecedented pressure, managing the chaos and no bullshit.  

And women police officers have handled the job with toughness. At present, many women IPS officers are in service, and they have taken everyone head on, both criminals and politicians alike.  

Let's have a look at some of the lady Sinnghams who have changed the idea of policing by their 'Dabangg' attitude.