16 Phenomenal Ways to Befriend Your Mother-in-law

Happy mom-in-law = Happy married life

Marriage is not just about two individuals. It is about the union of two families. It is an alliance. Depending on the arrangement, you might have perks, or you might have tax deductions. A family is the basic unit of our society and mothers are the building blocks of the setup. 

The bond you share with your mother-in-law (MIL) goes a long way in building your marriage. The primary conflict in a household begins when the daughter-in-law does not understand the mindset of her mom-in-law and vice-versa. If you are lucky, you might be blessed with a replacement of your blood mother else things can get complicated to manage.   

I felt hurt when my toddler preferred going out to play than by hanging out with me. It might sound insane, but it does happen at times, if not always. When I realise the depth of this emotion, I wonder how my MIL would have felt when suddenly her son preferred taking me out for dates rather than staying at home with family. Though there is a situational difference, the underlying element is same. Parting away and sharing. 

Mommies get engulfed by separation anxiety to quite a certain extent when their sons get married. The feeling of possessiveness sweeps in. There is an overpowering sense of loss of control.

Unless your mom-in-law is an exception to a composed, understanding and good human being, maintain your cool girls and try to be at peace and keep your efforts going to build up a harmonious relationship with your second mother.