How Much Do You Really Know About Makeup?

Too glam to give a damn?


You know who is a girl's best friend? No, not diamonds. It's makeup! You could break her phone, pull her hair or even dent her car. God forbid though, if you break her brush or waste her lipstick! She will turn into a monster and make you regret doing any such thing. It's a universal rule. You can mess with a girl but not her makeup! 

If an outing gets cancelled and she's sitting dolled up, do you really think she will wipe it off? She'll take her dog out for a walk but she won't let her makeup go to waste. And I agree. Women may not shed even a tear to risk getting their mascara smeared.

She might be too glam to give a damn!

But, do you know the difference between contouring and bronzing? Are you aware of the various brushes used for so many techniques. Play this makeup quiz and see how much do you actually know about it.