How Barack Obama Is Like In Real Life, Find Out Here!

He has no escorts!

Just imagine - the POTUS without an entourage. How can such a big personality not be around bodyguards for example? Yes, this is the simplicity and elegance of the former POTUS, Barack Obama. He is a gentleman who is a charismatic leader and there are rarely any photographs on the internet where he is not smiling. He is an eloquent and a witty personality. He believes in being respectful.

There is no difference to his shining personality when he is in front of the camera. He is always himself. The world praises him and cannot help but recall all the good he has done and how he won the hearts of the American people through his charming personality. Hats off to you, Obama!

We're presenting first-hand experiences of people who have met Obama in person, and what they had to say about the legendary human being!

Source - Quora