Do You Know The Story Behind '12 o'clock' Jokes On Sikhs?

There is a brave story behind this! 


"Arey! Saradar Ji, aapke 12 baj gaye kya?"

The most common joke we crack whenever we see a Sikh is the fact that they go crazy after the clock hits 12. Regardless of whatever the event is, humor is incomplete without a Sardar joke, right? But have you ever queried what is the story behind this joke?

I often hear quips on this which influenced me to find the real reason behind it. I looked into and came through some totally unknown facts behind this tale. I am certain if the Sikhs knew the genuine story, they would be pleased to be referred to as the '12 o'clock individuals', and the general population would respect them with deference.

So, let me take you to the time when all it began amid the seventeenth century.