The History Of Prostitution Throughout The World's Cultures Is Bizarre

Learn everything you never knew about the world's oldest profession!


The times were completely different back then. When it comes to embracing certain parts of your personality, it takes courage and strength. Various cultures had different takes on a profession. 

Business here, could mean pleasure elsewhere. And, pleasure could mean business somewhere else. It's a funny world we live in.

Prostitution was considered a taboo in the olden times. Recently, there has been progress in the thinking and mentality of certain people. It was unfortunate for some to take up a profession they weren't happy with or even uncomfortable for that matter. 

The world's oldest profession has centuries worth of history, and we're not just talking about the United States. All over the world, the selling of the human body has been a common practice for centuries. Prepare to be surprised by these unexpected facts. Let's take a look at the seven cultures throughout history and how prostitution played a role!