What A 2000-Year-Old Underground City In Iran Looks Like?

Look at some amazing pictures!

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient underground city at Samen, some 250 kms from Tehran, which is said to be from the Jesus Christ era. This strange underground city has subterranean tunnels connecting 25 caves in total, that served as houses. The skeletal remains are found in 9 of the 25 houses. According to the reports, the excavation took overall 12 years to unearth the city. The excavation is still continuing since archaeologists see more such possibility in the surrounding areas. 

That means underground living is not a new concept with the idea existing as old as 2000 years! Or we may call them old-world basements? Whatever it is, this mysterious underground settlement will surely surprise you. Let's take a tour!

Images Source: Archaeology News Network