1500+ Students Appeared for Internships in 30,000+ Companies. Know All about It Here!

"Startup Expo" in "Internship Fair" is the new trend.

What do you need to start off a business and flourish in your endeavours? Idea, execution, investment, motivation, failures, success, and the list is never-ending. 

Apart from all this what you need is experienced people who can help you, advise you, recommend you the best ways to proceed with your idea, guide you so that you don't get deviated, assist you financially - is that too much? 

Well, that's just a gist of all that you need in your entrepreneurial journey or for that matter in your professional life. And, here's how 2,500+ students were recently given a chance to figure out their entrepreneurial journey.

In 2017, more than 1,000 startups emerged in India's tech world which means there's tremendous scope if you want to step into this ecosystem of unexplored opportunities. e-Entrepreneurship Cell of RGPV, Bhopal recently organised its two-day annual flagship event ‘Imprenditore 2.0’ to create a myriad of entrepreneurial and employment opportunities which amassed the interest of more than 2500 students with Internship Fair, Startup Expo, Pitch your idea and speaker sessions.

Here are the highlights from the same: