This High-Tech Pound Turned Out To Be Weak Enough To Break When 'Pounded'

The pound which breaks!

Remember demonetization, guys? A similar thing happened with the Brits some time ago. The government decided to change all £1 coins in circulation and cease the old ones to be the legal tender. The new ones which were introduced on March 27 (Monday) came into circulation on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. These coins were supposed to be more high-tech and almost impossible to fake. 

As per the officials, the coin was in circulation for the last 30 years and said to be vulnerable to forgery. Call it fate or accept the fact that discrepancies are meant to happen while carrying out something like this at a national level when I tell you that some of the new 12-sided £1 coins are found defective by some people. The revised coin has a silver-coloured center with the gold ring on the outside which seems to be coming out.

This is what the government has to say: