12 Heroes Who Are Re-Defining The Thought Leadership In India

Where the mind is without fear!


India has inspired the whole world, but unfortunately, we've always failed at crucial times to recognize the immense talent and capabilities that lie within. India brings the burden of three centuries of British colonization, along with a load of its own often rephrased and redefined history. Britishers ruined our people. We're being oppressed to the limits by the western culture that we could neither remain purely Indian, nor Western.

Today, on 68th Republic Day of India, let's initiate a campaign! A campaign that we'll embrace our nation, as it is said, "No nation is perfect, it's people, who make it perfect."

How long we'll look for inspiration in the outside world to lead us? Especially, when we know that we have everything we need.

It's a high-time, and you may believe it or not, but we're all born leaders; even as a 'sperm,' we were the leaders. I have decided that at least I am not going to follow because I'm born to lead.

Have a look at these amazing unsung heroes who showcased their true potential, and have re-defined thought leadership in India.Let's have a look!