Forget Piercings, Helix Tattoos Are Trending Around The Corner And We Love Them!

These pictures will provoke you to have one for yourself!

Tattoos and piercings are nothing new! For a lot of us, there comes this phase wherein we try to express ourselves via the means of a tattoo. Be it some song lyrics or the name of our loved ones or our deepest desires, anything and everything. But tattoos on hands, legs, back, neck etc are to be counted as the cliched ones now! With helix tattoos in town, even piercings will take a second stand. 

Helix tattoos are becoming the new Instagram trend and we're absolutely loving it! These tattoos will enhance your ear cartilage and the look of them is so austere that even if you're a tattoo skeptic like the majority of the parents these days, you'd still love them. 

Check out these pictures and you'd be searching for a tattoo place near you!