15 Healthy Foods You Must Have To Stay Fit During Ramadan

It's all about control and restraint.


It's that time of the year again and we cannot wait to begin this Holy month. Nowadays, 'healthy' is the new trend and we are on board!

During a fast, the body enters a state of detox and the gut absorbs almost all the nutrients from the food you’ve eaten. As the fast in Ramadan only extends from dawn to dusk, there are plenty of opportunities to replenish your energy. One just has to learn the gentle transition from glucose to fat as a source of energy, so that there is no breakdown of muscle for protein. 

It’s a common fact that balanced diet and good water intake is the holy grail in order to remain healthy during this Holy Month. The body needs sodium and potassium but these can be lost via sweating. Hence your iftars must include food rich in energy such as carbohydrates, fats, etc. And, of course, drinking adequate amount of water is equally vital.

Here are 15 healthy food items to eat this Ramadan.