A Couple of Drinks Down, a Cop, and Your Car. How Much Worse Can It Get?

Drunk driving is indeed a serious problem!

If you haven't been living under a rock, then you know just how strict the laws against drunk driving are becoming in the country. From confiscation of licenses to suspension from driving for a year and more and even imprisonment, it's all been written into the law books.

On top of that is the mixed feelings when we see a cop. Hell, I always manage to feel guilty even if I haven't done anything wrong when I see one.  

So what happens when you've just had your drink (or two), and come out of the pub, and ask for your car from the valet, only to see a cop come walking in? Mighty good reason to get worried, if not scared, right? This is what happened to these friends who came out of a Bengaluru club, only to get surprised completely. 

Check out the video below.