Have You Ever Seen These Rare Pictures Of Indian Celebrities?

Take a look!

Bollywood is the appellation for India's film industry. And over the years, we've had legends who made the industry what it is today. Some of them are with us till this day, while some aren't. Thanks to photography, that has made possible for us to spot these legends across time. Old memories are always sweet and shall forever be lingered.

Here we have some assorted photographs from the film industry. From Devanand to Shah Rukh Khan, these pictures will surely take you on a nostalgic ride. These pictures are a mirror of some happy, melancholic & baffling moments of the stars and are worth watching.

I've tried covering some pictures of these celebs' childhood innocence, teen days hardships & adolescence fame. Take a look at some rare pictures that are captured in one frame in this story.