Have A Look At The World's Most Expensive Delicacies

A shout-out to all the connoisseurs!

Many of us LIVE TO EAT instead of EATING TO LIVE! This statement itself proves the undying and unconditional love we have for food. There are definitely many of us who daydream of food when sitting in our office cabins. Our love for food is greater than any love. Not to mention that we are the first to head out to any food junction that opens up in the city, and let me tell you there is no missing out on that. So, whenever you see a foodie cheesing off, the crack is to present him his favorite delicacy!

Another sign of a foodie is that he cannot stop ogling at alluring food photos. Another tricky question for every foodie out there, do you need food for thought or the only thought that strikes you is food?! Here are some of the most expensive dishes from around the world.

Disclaimer: They may cost you a bomb! The lavish and rare ingredients grant these food items a luxury status, coming with a hefty price. Although it may be difficult for us to dig into any of them, courtesy to their price tag, but who said there are charges for gazing at them? So, fear not, look for as long as you wish!